Music video premier: Ionut Eduardo feat.ProDigal – Cat mi-e de dor

Ciprian Pamfile
Ciprian Pamfile
Ciprian Pamfile
Ciprian Pamfile

Ciprian Pamfile, together with Ionut Eduardo have just released their latest track entitled Cat mi-e de dor.The song is about breaking up with a beloved person and suffering after him or her.

How was it born?


Ionut Eduardo, a good friend of mine had some sadness after loosing his ex-girlfriend and I ( ProDigal)  was next to him in this process and I helped him to forget her.

What was the creative process like?

He was always talking about her, he couldn’t let her go from his heart, and i came up with the idea us to write a song about it: about this situation of sadness, loosing someone you love…About having a special friend, who is next to you and doesn’t let you alone in sadness.I am that good friend for him, and I help him to overcome this sad period

Does it have any special story? What was it inspired by?

The song is about breaking up, suffering after that girl and how me (ProDigal) tells him that is not worth to suffer and that she didn’t deserve him, because she was also not such a “good girl” ..she was most of a night bird.

To whom do you recommend the song and the video, and along with what kind of thoughts?

And at same time the song is dedicated to all kinds of humans, it is for every type of age…because all of us know what it is like is to loose someone you love, don’t you?

What was the shooting like?

The shooting of the video was very interesting for me, because it was my first shooting ever ,this my first song that I have ever recorded, as opposed to my friend, Ionut Eduardo, who is a singer with more experience and  has  already had many songs registered …But as I said, I made this especially for him, and of course I hope other guys, who suffer after loosing someone they  love, they will heal after hearing our words.

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