Gschichtldrucka – new song from Noisy Sunset


Noisy Sunset band from Markt Piesting, from Lower-Austria (Niederösterreich) recently  came out with a new music video entitled Gschichtldrucka . We made an interview with them about the latest news about the band.

Where did you shoot the video?


This video was shot in Markt Piesting, Lower Austria. Everyone of us did it himself with our smartphones. Then we cut the best scenes.


What was the shooting like?

The shooting was a bit difficult, because we had no help from friends. Our families helped us with filming.

How do you spend your days in quarantine?

We just have restrictions. We are allowed to go out for important things. We do a lot of music and many skype sessions with our band members.

Can you maybe share with us your coping strategy?

Stay at home! Play music! We can’t change it anyway, so we make the best out of it. Looking forward to the next get together, whenever that will be.

Vox: Robert Jirak

Vox: Nina Baumgartner

Guitar: Florian Hauer

Guitar: Thomas Baumgartner

Bass: Roland Reisner

Trumped: Jennifer Schönauer

Trombone: Sebastian Mühlhofer

Piano/Keys: Stefan Jirak

Drums: Julian Dultinger

Who are we?

Located in Markt Piesting the band started 2011 and since then we are continually growing! Starting with just three members we are nine people by now. The wind section, joined in 2018, is adding a certain specialty.

We can’t and don’t want to classify our music style. For us, the right mixture is most important.

Our lyrics are based on a casual life and can happen to anyone. (Critical) Stories out of the daily life and the vision of a cozy and chill world. Dialect, German and English – to have it all.


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