Likely – Claudia Balla’s new music collab with Sonia Grimm

Balla Claudia
Balla Claudia
Balla Claudia
Claudia Balla

Claudia Balla has just released her latest track entitled Likely, a collab with Genevan singer-songwriter Sonia Grimm. We made an interview with Claudia.

How was this lovely song born?

Actually, the first version of this song was written in 2008-2009. At the time, I intended to give it to an emerging male artist, but finally decided to keep it for myself, as I felt I might come back to it later.

 One might ask, why was the release of this song delayed for such a long period of time?


My drawer is a cosy place with great company – I have a bunch of songs piled up there, enough to fill a couple of albums, waiting for their big break. It just didn’t seem to be the right moment for the song to see the light of day.

Where did you gain inspiration for it?

It’s been more than a decade ago, I don’t remember, sorry. Time does fly. I suppose I was sitting in my old room at my parents’ place with my old upright piano when the idea came to me.

To whom do you recommend the song and the music video, and along with what kind of thoughts?

There is no age limit or any particular recommendation for this one. Anyone who likes fairy tales, soft and soothing melodies could appreciate both the track and the video.

As a child, everybody loves to listen to, and later on, to read fairy tales, but as we age, this is often no more like that. In your case, where do you think this adulthood interest for fairy tales derives from?

It might sound strange, but I still consider myself to be a child – even though legally and technically I am no more like that. Maybe that’s the reason why I don’t take myself seriously. I never quite had that transition from being a kid to becoming a grown up. And kids, you know, most of them are into fairy tales.

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