Music premier: Spexdagreat feat. Nadia Tellis: Unconditional Love


Spexdagreat came out with his latest track entitled Unconditional Love that he made with Nadia Tellis.. We made a short interview with him about his latest track.



Where did you gain inspiration from?

I gained inspiration from the relationship I am currently in.

What was the creative process like?

The song is generated from emotions of both concern for the future, and enjoying the moment. The creative process was very emotional and confusing, but the answers were revealed in the lyrics.

What was it like to work with Nadia Tellis?

Working with Nadia was a great experience, very teachable to my style of the song as well bringing her own emotional sound.

How – I mean, with what thoughts, or words – and to whom would you recommend this song?

I recommend this song to anyone wanting more from the relationship and looking beyond what they see.

Photo and song were produced by: @Keybo Production –
Facebook page of spexdagreat:

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