Aldar Rök – new EP of Myrkálfar


Polish melodic death metal band named Myrkálfar released their latest EP entitled Aldar Rök. We made an interview with them about their latest hit.

How were the songs of the EP born?

All the songs on the EP were written, by the both of us. We had to trash a few previous songs, we took the good parts out of them and added them where they fit. Under the influence of emotions we mostly sat down and wrote riffs together, then rearranged them and formed songs. Later on, Mateusz wrote bass parts and Simon added drums. The lyrics were mostly written by Mateusz, but with great help from Giant. All of the songs came unexpected, out of nowhere, but to finish them we had to spend a lot of time, because we wanted them to be the best as possible. The lyrics were written under huge inspiration, which formed the words itself.

What were they inspired by? What is the link between them?

All the songs and the lyrics are inspired by Norse Mythology, cosmogony and beliefs, with which we feel a great bond. The whole EP is named after Ragnarök – the end of our worlds in norse beliefs and mythology. Every track relates to the whole cycle of life and death. From the creation of Midgard (track beyond the ancients), to its very end (Ragnarök), so we tried to describe events and places very important in that topic.

To whom do you recommend them, and along with what kind of thoughts?

We recommend our songs to everyone that likes Melodic Death/Black Metal. To people that love norse mythology, or share it’s concepts and beliefs, but also to the people that have nothing to do with it, as they could learn some mythology, our views on the world, basically the old ways.

What is the reception of the songs like? In other words, what kind of feedbacks have you received so far about them? Can you name any particular difference about their reception in your home country and abroad?

All the feedback we get is very positive. Our reputability is good, but we have small reach, which we are working on to grow. There is no big difference, as people react in very similar ways. One thing that we noticed is that people from central Europe tend to be more “loyal” – they tend to stick around, if we can call that this way. This includes Poland, Hungary, Lithuania and Czechia.

The physical format of the EP is coming out soon. It will be very limited though, just so it will be something exclusive to own it. Something special for collectors.
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