I, Lucifer – latest music video of Dearbones

Dearbones - photo: Chris Klumpp
Dearbones – photo: Chris Klumpp
Dearbones, alt-rock quartet from Massachusetts, USA released their latest music video entitled I, Lucifer.We made an interview with the boys, about their latest release.


How was it born?


Frankie (vocalist) : I was messing around on his acoustic one day basically playing what the chords to I, Lucifer are now humming the melody in my head not knowing it would turn into I, Lucifer. In my mind, I was thinking of what to write about while humming the melody. And I, Lucifer kinda just came to me


What was the creative and the working process like?


Frankie: “Honestly I’ll play and play and play until I like something I hear. Then I’ll play that over and over for hours, days etc. then start with a melody, once I find a melody for whatever area I’m in I’ll just come up with silly easy words in my head to see if it all fits. And once it’s really coming and working together that’s when I start writing lyrics slowly. Sometimes I’ll repeat the same words and chords over and over till I come up with the next part for what I’m trying to write about. Then once I have that area in my head. I actually write out drums in my head while also playing whatever chords and lyrics I’m humming. Putting drums in my mind while writing out the guitar and lyrics really help cuz then I can feel the whole vibe of whether the song is gonna be more upbeat, or slower and heavier.”


What was it inspired by?


 At first I was going more towards something personal in my life, but once I started to dive more into the song and such. I wanted it to be on a more general aspect of how one person (I,Lucifer) can so easily destroy something so beautiful that is right in front of them. A relationship, friendship, family stuff, you get my point. It’s really so easy for people to start something so wonderful but once the “comfortable” feeling over time kicks in, there is less care to keep what we once had so much love for.” Frankie (vocalist)


 To whom do you recommend the song?


Anyone who likes it I guess! Haha


What was shooting the music video like?


It was fun working with King Wolf Creative and of course the band. Frankie got kind of tired later in the day because when we started shooting in the morning, he had to literally drink so much beer, like beer after beer after beer and so on, we wanted it to look as real as possible. So once he stopped drinking the sleep started to kick…

Get it THE SLEEP lol (that was our first song we ever released) .

Where was the music video filmed?


It was filmed at the home of one of the King Wolf Creative directors in the state of Connecticut


 What is the reception of the song and music video like?


We have gained a lot of traction on this release, since it’s a bit more serious than what we have done in the past. The support from fans and other artists, have been amazing.


What kind of feedbacks have you received so far? 


The instrumentals and vocals are reminiscent of Warped Tour years. Many have said its beautifully haunting.  We have been turned down for some coverage for “not sounding new enough” but we love our genre and don’t feel the need to fall into the status quo by adding EDM beats.
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